A facebook discussion on Obama comments.

A facebook discussion on Obama comments.



"Co-ordinated Attack" or "Uncoordinated Attack" what's the difference? An attack is an attack. Americans died. Why would an intelligent man like the President make such a statement? (?!)




See cuz, every time you post crap like this, you create dissension. You call me angry?

I've seen these posts as long as we've been friends on FB. As well as comments like the one below.

No different than right wing extremists of the Republican Party saying there haven't been any foreign attacks on American soil while Bush was in office...........AFTER 911!

I do not profess to be a religious man. I believe there is a God and there was a man named Jesus who asked us to turn the other cheek. You can't or won't. Why? I used to see the hypocrisy in my own church and was shouted down and eventually kept quiet. That was evil. I see injustices I speak out. Sorry, we can only be who we are. I will debate what my heart sees as baring false witness to a man who lead an exemplary Christian life while in office and called Muslim scum by an ignorant mob mentality angry white male. Meanwhile all the same people voted a man in who has a history of being prejudice, racist, xenophobic, tax and marital cheater. Pathological liar, sexual predator, and finally vindictive, vile, petty, immoral and vengeful man. And you think he's great!


Me: Exemplary Christians don't believe in ripping children out of their mother's womb. Exemplary Christians don't mandate to let men share bathrooms we with your little girls. OBAMA Is anything but Exemplary and shows no evidence of being Christian.


David: You're going to pin the blame from your point of view on Obama for what happened 43 years ago? When did President Obama rip out a fetus from a womb? I missed that one? The first, got to admit that was him listening too much to a certain focus group. I do have to say, I haven't heard of any incidents involving molestation under those circumstances.


Me: David, I would love to engage you on any one of the comments you've made on the post. As it is I posted very little using great restraint. But if you actually studied what Obama believes, you would find he is the most liberal president ever. In dealing with abortion I'm listing some information below, also keep in mind that he is electing Supreme court justices who believe strongly that a woman should have the right to her removing a child from her body. Hillary made her belief on this very clear.


I'm sorry you may have had situations where Christians have not been clear as to what God requires of the creation He's leaves us to manage. I will actually agree with you that there is much hypocrisy in the church, and I do speak out against it, from the inside. I know that there are a lot of sick people in the hospitals, but that doesn't prevent me from going to the hospital if I am sick. The best place for a hypocrite is a good church. If God's will is correctly taught, it will wean them away from the hypocrisy. I find that the more I learn about the true Jesus, the more I am amazed at the wonderful grace He offers to people who will trust in Him.


I also find that many who say they know things about the Bible actually have never even read it. I have heard Obama quote portions of the Bible totally out of context proving he has no idea what he's talking about. He doesn't care what God thinks of homosexuality. He has been appointing local judges that are ruling against people who are trying to live by their biblical convictions. I can go on and on and show you very specific cases where that is so. Obama is not the angel you think he is.


On the other hand, neither is Trump. Also, neither am I nor you. But God shows us what He can do with a man who is willing to follow Him. The truly wonderful thing is, God does not care about the past. He can take you (and me) with all your evil and failures, and create in you a wonderful person that will accomplish great things that will glorify Him. I don't care about Trump's past. I care about our future, and I believe that God can use him to do great things. In some respect, I think with reference to Trump, you as well need to turn the other cheek.




In 2013 the house passed a bill that would prohibit late term abortion. Immediately after it passed the House, the Executive Office of the President issued a statement saying that this bill was "an assault on a woman's right to choose" and that if presented with this bill, the president's "senior advisers would recommend that he veto" it.


David: Hi Robert,

I want to say, if we ( you, Wayne and myself) had this conversation in person, there wouldn't be this contentiousness happening. Words come out flat yet are missed with their meaning of inflection. My words come from alarm and frustration at how the narrative words of Wayne struck me and others both conservative and liberal.

There are things we can agree on, he's not a devote religious man, but no president can. This country is a mixture of cultures. It was founded on Christianity as some conservatives want us to believe. It wasn't even our country. It belongs to the Native Americans.

The forefathers wanted a separation of church and state. The two have constantly tangled as this country and society evolves. Whether you believe it or not that's up to both of you.

I have no right to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body. We all justify and create our own beliefs and truth. I also see an anti-abortion legislation that want to close down Planned Parenthood who give free medical screenings, provide contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies, as well as provide services for abortion at many but not all clinics. If you convince a woman to keep the baby but cut her food stamps and medical services while she struggles in survival and has no support is where I see the hypocrisy. Some white male politicians don't even care if she's been raped.

None of us can tell a woman what she can or can't do with her own body. It's a painful decision for many, yet there may be some who believe it's a crutch for woman to be cavorting with no consequences. While others feel it's a place for woman to find relief and support for something so emotionally painful.


Me: Hi David a) America was found as a Christian nation. I will be happy to debate that with you.

b) I am Native American, but I believe that's not the issue. America belongs to God, and all people groups got here after Him. He sets the rules not us.

c) You have no right to tell the baby in the womb that she needs to be killed for the pleasure of her host. A woman once said to me "that the baby in the womb is a parasite". I agreed and said it was "all the way until about 16 years old". She actually agreed with me. By the way, who said you can't tell a person what they can or cannot do with their body. Who exactly made up that rule? If I want to make my body into a bomb, I think you must certainly say "no".


d) A typical liberal like Hillary will always come up with a far extreme emotional story and use it to legislate morals. I have been personally involved in helping woman both who were abused, as well as those who became pregnant and needed to know what to do. The scenario you are painting for the most part is made up. Pro-abortions organization typically will work with a woman just until she murders the child and then they dump her. Then it's the pro-life people that take her in and help her to cope. I did this. Did you?


The liberals also come up with stories about rape and make as if all women who find themselves pregnant got that way from being raped, and aren't we the mean people making her suffer. Let's get the facts straight. Most women who find themselves pregnant got that way from enjoying sex and not being responsible. Did some get raped, yes, but even in that situation, we need to remember that killing the child is putting a helpless little person through terrible pain and death.


And what about poor planned Parenthood who sell baby parts? Don't make me go there.


I am willing to debate any of these issues, but please debate with facts. I hate going through this process when my opponent is only getting their facts from someplace like CNN.



I claim ignorance then. I have never been put into this situation. You have. And no it wasn't from CNN. I know over the years my friends that are female have been angry at the thought of men politicians telling them what to do. Only been around woman who are pro choice. I also believe the hypocrisy for woman who are pro choice is the guy walks away and they are left with the responsibility of going alone.



Me: I also very much agree with you about loser men who walk away from their responsibility in a time like this. I've seen it too many times.